So Many Ways to Stain! [by Jodi]


Isn’t it amazing to find household items that can make amazing pieces of the DIY puzzle?

Vinegar is apparently powerful stuff. Throw some steel wool in and some kind of science stuff happens and it makes a great stain for wood! This is a great way to age new wood. Continue reading

Top 10 DIY Calendars [by Whit]


I know, I know. It is January 2, 2014 and we probably should have posted this in 2013, but with holiday parties and traveling to see family, who really has time to plan for the next year, especially when they are busy living the in current one? Good excuse, right? 😉

So, if you are ready to realize the New Year has started and then become organized enough to plan for friends’ and family members’ important dates, we have the perfect list for you–our Top 10 DIY Calendars for 2014! Continue reading

Jewelry Charm Bookmark [by Whit]

2013-12-23 16.54.13

As I was thinking about what I could get my Mom for Christmas, I began to think about what she does and what she likes, and all that came to me was READING. So, I then went from there and started thinking of gift certificates, her favorite authors, tiny reading lights, etc until WHAM–BOOKMARKS. I could make her a fun bookmark! Continue reading

Our 25 Favorite DIY Christmas Gifts [by Whit]

25 DIY Chritmas Gifts

As Christmas quickly approaches, we figured we should give those last minute DIYers (including ourselves) some inspiration with  a list 25 of our favorite DIY Christmas gifts–and if you happen to be any of our immediate family or best friends, STOP READING, please 🙂 Continue reading

Hidden Book Compartment & 1st Anniversary [by Whit]

photo 4

As our first anniversary approached, I began to worry that I wouldn’t find the perfect, traditional paper gift. I had thought about getting him tickets to something, but felt that was kinda boring. Then one day it just hit me–a hidden book compartment with the tickets inside! Bingo–A DOUBLE PAPER WHAMMY!  Now I just had to figure out how to create it and find the perfect concert/event. Fortunately, I think I did both! Continue reading

Custom Image Transfer & DIY Chalkboard Picture Frame

photo 1

As best friends and new bloggers, we felt it important to talk to people that have blogged before, are still doing it well, AND are best friends! That is when we called the Chicks on the Right.

They are two, witty, hilarious, and articulate women that decided to “give Conservatism a Makeover.” Whether you agree with them politically or any of their writings, just like us they started their journey as two best friends with an idea.  They have since created a national audience with their blog, have landed their own radio show on the biggest talk radio station in Indiana, AND last but not least, just signed a BOOK DEAL  –IMPRESSIVE.

Because they were so kind to talk with us, we wanted to express our gratitude in the form of a gift–a DIY gift. Really, what else would you expect? 🙂

So, we made them a COTR chalkboard with a custom image transfer.

Continue reading

Lingerie Chest [by Jodi]

before after

For our first client project – our friend wanted a tall, narrow lingerie chest for her new apartment bedroom. She sent us a picture of an IKEA piece, which we immediately knew we could recreate. We scoured Craigslist and ended up finding the perfect piece at a good price ($75) in the Virginia suburbs (or BFE as I would call it). Once we got the piece back to my house, our game plan became – sand, stain, stain some more, stain again, and add new hardware for the drawer pulls. We were going for that ‘espresso’ or black-brown finish that is seen in many IKEA furniture pieces. Continue reading

Refurbishing Old Dressers with Chalkpaint [by Whit]


Since my husband and I are newlyweds and still rebuilding our savings account after the wedding, we live within a structured budget (i.e. $x amount for groceries, $x amount for date night, etc). Because I have an allotted amount each month to decorate the apartment, I want to maximize the budget to the fullest.

Case in point, we needed real, adult dressers–badly. However, I did not want to pay hundreds, thousands of dollars for a nice bedroom suite. So, I am refurbishing pieces to create our own DIY bedroom suite. In this post, you will hear how I obtained and transformed two old dressers into “matching” pieces. Continue reading

Refurbish Lamps for under $15! [by Whit]


As my husband and I are attempting to make our 1970’s era apartment homey –and on a tiny budget– I kept running across lamps that I loved, but were $40+ each. I could not justify spending nearly $100 (after tax) on two lamps.

So I began to look for lamp bases with curvy lines. I stumbled upon two at goodwill for $4.95 a piece–my kind of steal! I also already had lamp shades at home I loved! Continue reading

Distressed Toy Crate [by Whit]

2013-10-27 20.54.12

2013-10-27 20.54.12
Do you have little ones (or pets)? Do their toys have a place?

For me, since I live with my husband and two little ones (our animals) in a small apartment, even the tiniest of misplaced items, like puppy toys, can cause the whole place to look messy. Currently, Phoebe’s toys sit in a cardboard box– in our  living room. So, to fix this, I decided to create Phoebe a Distressed Pet Toy Crate–because she obviously wants one and cannot contain her excitement. Continue reading